Luis Munot, 2023

I documented Luis Munot as he painted six pieces in the parking lot of the National Botanical Garden in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We were there from start to finish, which took about 5 hours. The pieces are for his friend, Oscar Abreu's museum gallery collection. On a regular day, he would never create under such circumstances. 

I met Luis that day through Oscar, who brought the blank canvases to the garden in his truck. To be in several present moments with him as he created these works from scratch spoke to his faith behind every brush stroke. He had everything he needed, seemingly never making a mistake. We listened to music as he painted, he took a few moments to dance and smile. His environment contributed to his creations to the point where his shirt colors complemented his finished series. 

 At the end of the day, he named the series, "Botanica".

Alexandra Dimoplon, 2023

I spent a few hours with Alex as she worked on a canvas in her home studio. Doubling as a kitchen, the window next to her fridge lit her space beautifully in a way that was energetically inspiring. Her color palette speaks to a familiarity in her work, which is often and dreamily of a nighttime setting. She showed me her sketches and references and after beginning to paint, entertained my questions about the significance of decorative trinkets in her home. She is a true artist all around which I saw through her expression of different art mediums, home decor, and tattoos.

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